Spirituality 101

Whether we do so actively or inactively, we all seek a greater understanding of life and of ourselves. We seek to uncover and reveal that which is hidden from us, the invisible and greater truth. In any search for answers and greater understanding one must learn to consider all options and to view and perceive the whole. This is a process that requires openness. One must be open to all possibilities in order for truth to truly come. This is the process of unfolding the self. One can only unfold that which has been folded and the truth of your being has been folded for you to unfold. Like a bud unfolds to become a flower, so too is the nature and the truth of your being.

You are like a budding flower only your flowering is not an automatic process dictated by the seasons. Your flowering is dictated by you and your ability to reason and understand. You decide at all times what you will consider and what you will discard. You remain closed off until you open up to all possibilities. It is through your openness and willingness to consider all possibilities that you begin to flower. You open up your mind, your heart, your soul to the light of greater understanding. It is in this light of greater understanding where the truth of your being lives and flourishes.

You are an unlimited being. You are limitless! In order to see this great truth, you must be fully open. The more you open up the more you will unfold and the more you will come to understand. When you close yourself off to other possibilities, you deny the truth of your being.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start flowering and flourishing today? Open up your mind and consider all viewpoints. Open up your heart and consider all feelings. Great truth is within, but it can only be experienced by allowing it to be unfolded and revealed by being open and welcoming to all. Be as the budding flower.


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