Workshops Offered

  1. Dream Workshop:
    1. Learn about dreaming and the importance of dreams
    2. Learn how to improve dream recall
    3. Learn the basics of dream journaling
    4. Learn basic symbols and how to interpret your dreams
    5. Learn how to use your dreams to receive regular guidance in order to live a guided and more fulfilled life
    6. Learn how to end and heal nightmares or resolve reoccurring dreams
  1. Divine Alignment Workshop:
    1. Learn what Divine Alignment is and why its important
    2. Discover your present state of alignment
    3. Learn how to truly get to know yourself
    4. Learn key techniques to bring yourself into Alignment
    5. Learn how to stay within Divine Alignment
  1. Manifesting Your Hopes and Dreams Workshop:
    1. Learn how to be at your creative best
    2. Learn when you’re most creative and the best times to manifest
    3. Learn key techniques and secrets to manifesting
    4. Learn how to properly visualize to avoid creating incorrectly
    5. Learn how to bring your visions into your energy field and vibration
  1. Dream Workshop (Advanced):
    1. This workshop involves dream discussions and interpretations
    2. Come prepared to discuss your dreams and offer input
    3. Learn the best methods to interpret your dreams

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