Soul Coaching

Soul coaching is all encompassing growth work that is designed to help one align with the truth of their being in order to grow their spirit, their light and their vibration. It is a holistic approach, in that it doesn’t just focus on changing mental processes, but rather the whole of you, the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual components that are you. Soul coaching involves getting to know yourself in the truest sense and on all levels so that you can think, see and feel clearly. It is the pruning of old habits, perceptions and negativity or shadow, so that you can step further into the light of awareness and the true clarity that is the Self. Clients will learn to see, hear, feel, speak and recognize their truth to reclaim and align with their power at all times. This holistic approach of soul coaching also involves dream exploration and clients will be required to keep a regular dream journal.

Each coaching session depends on one’s individuals needs and goals. Services are offered hourly and can be used at clients discretion. Scheduling of regular hours is recommended, especially initially, until one is more aligned and attuned. Therefore, it is recommended that clients allow for a minimum of one coaching session a week.