Life Coaching

Simply put, life coaching involves coaching an individual to live their best life. Life coaching can be very goal oriented with a specific purpose or goal in mind or it can be very general with the intent of improving one’s overall life.  As your life coach, I will work with you to help you remove all obstacles from your path, both seen and unseen to help you achieve your specific goals or solve and grow through your problems. Clients will be provided with the direction and practical techniques necessary to help them enhance and hone their own abilities and skills in order to regularly meet their goals and improve their life.

Life coaching primarily focuses on improving and changing ones thought processes to breakdown and remove destructive habits and replace them with constructive ones. Each coaching session depends on one’s individuals needs and goals. Services are offered hourly and can be used at clients discretion. Scheduling of regular hours is recommended, especially initially, until one is comfortably in control and consistently maintaining the changes in their life that they wished to make. Therefore, it is recommended that clients allow for a minimum of one coaching session a week.

Service includes an overall assessment and plan to help you along your path and to achieve your goal as well as practical techniques to help you stay motivated and engaged. All hours must be scheduled and paid for in advance.


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