Dream Work

Dream Work is a more extensive exploration into dreams and involves regularly recording your dreams. Keeping a nightly dream journal is quite literally the best gift you can give yourself as you will get to know yourself in the truest sense. Having studied and recorded my own dreams for many years, I can tell you firsthand that this is true. It is a journey deep into the soul. Dream work is a serious undertaking and should not be taken lightly. It is the baring of your soul and all its secrets and therefore requires complete honesty.

Dream Work:

What: Designed as an on going process to help you understand your dreams and connect with your soul.  You will learn to interpret your own dreams and how to receive regular guidance. Dreams often come in cycles or the same message or insight is presented throughout multiple dreams. Therefore, longer term dream exploration is recommended to completely understand what is going on in your life and the insights being provided. Clients are required to keep a nightly journal.

Note:  It is recommended that a minimum of one hour a week be scheduled for Dream Work. Hours must be scheduled in advance with a contact number provided in which you can be reached and I will call you at the designated time. Please note that I will avail myself as best I can for immediate concerns or issues, but there may be times when I will have to call you back due to other appointments. If I am available, I will let you know.