Dream Symbols

Dream symbols and their meanings can vary widely depending on the dreamer for which they were intended. Dreams are subjective and therefore particular and personal to the dreamer. For that reason, I have chosen to not post a dream symbol dictionary here. You can walk into any bookstore or even search on line for various meanings and you will find any number of very different meanings for the same symbol. It is not my intention to add to this confusion. It is my intention to provide clarity.

However, with that being said, there are many universal symbols that apply to all dreamers. I recommend buying three or four different dream symbol dictionaries or consulting several dream dictionary websites to find the meaning that “feels” right to you as the dreamer.  As the dreamer, you have the final say on what you feel your dreams mean and how they should be interpreted.

I recommend that you come up with your own interpretation first. It is important to learn how to interpret your own dreams and as the dreamer you’re the one best qualified to do so. After you have come up with your interpretation, you can then consult several other sources as a back up or to help point you in the right direction if you feel stuck or couldn’t come up with a meaning on your own. This will help you learn your own language.

Also, I caution only taking the best interpretation and discarding the rest. It is very easy to take the good and discard the bad, but the true meaning may lie with the bad and you might be choosing to avoid it. If the truth is difficult to hear it is because you’re not being true to yourself, but the truth always serves and serves you well.

For free dream interpretation, please read the Dream Interpretation section first.

Blessings to all!