People often ask me what books I have read or ask if I can recommend any one specific book or thing that helped me most. When I first started out on my spiritual journey, I wasn’t as devoted to it as I am today. I originally approached my search for truth in a divine and revelatory manner with the belief that I could only come to great wisdom and truth through divine intervention or revelation. I quickly learned that is not true. What I learned was that it all depended on me and how earnest I was in my search for truth. Along the way, I learned the most important detail, and that is that love is the key to everything. Let me repeat that, love is the key to everything.

However, with that being said, there are of course things that I enjoy and can recommend. What I recommend most is that everyone pursue their own path and their own truth by listening to their soul and feeling what it is that is right for them and more importantly, what is true for them. By listening and feeling your truth, you will always be guided along your path to what is right for you and what will serve you best.

As for me, the single most important revelation in my life has been my own dreams. I cherish them and revisit them often and am constantly learning from them. Over the years, I have read many, many spiritual or metaphysical books and ancient texts along my journey, but none that I can wholeheartedly recommend for opening me to truth or making me more present or aware. Those are all things I had to come to on my own terms. If I do find anything of particular use, I will post it here in the future and recommend it. That is not to say that it will be useful to you, but that it might be useful to you.

One thing I can recommend wholeheartedly though is the Gospel of Thomas. Whatever your religious belief may be, there is a a great deal of wisdom that can be discerned from these sayings attributed to Jesus and I recommend that they be given serious thought.

Other items I can recommend are as follows:

1. Sound Awakening by Joy Hughes-this is a CD of primordial didgeridoo sounds great for meditating or healing vibrations. Sound and light (or vibrations and thoughts) are the ultimate healers and these primordial didgeridoo sounds provide the perfect vibrations for allowing that to happen naturally.


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