Over the years, I have had many people tell me that they don’t know how to meditate or that they don’t have time to meditate because they have the impression that meditation lasts for hours or takes years of practice to perfect. The truth is that we all meditate whether we realize we are doing it or not. The human body was designed in such a manner that our bodies require rest. This forces us to slow down at some point each and everyday in order to rest. It is in these moments that we are often calmer and more relaxed and thus able to think clearer. This is what meditation is all about.

Simply put, meditation is calmness. It is the calming of your mind in order to think clearer and to receive clear guidance. Some people refer to this as communing with spirit or their higher self. Others refer to it as communing with God or a higher state of being or consciousness. Whatever you choose to call it, meditation is the clearing away of the mental chatter of the mind. It is the act of slowing down with a focus on being silent, still, calm and relaxed. It is calming yourself to the point of nearly falling asleep and sleep itself is a form of deep meditation. So you see, we all meditate!

When we are awake and active, are brains generate Beta waves, which are the fastest type of brainwaves. When we are not actively engaged or focusing on anything in particular, our brains go into a “lull” and generate Alpha waves. These waves are generated about half as fast as Beta. This is a meditational state of mind. It actually occurs quite often and naturally at various moments throughout the day. For example, if you’re spaced out for a moment, or day dreaming, you’re most likely generating Alpha waves. This is the state of mind that most people achieve when meditating.

There are also Theta and Delta waves which involve even slower brainwave activity, but these are associated more often with deep sleep than meditation. However, as I pointed out earlier, sleep is in and of itself a form of meditation. That is why napping is a very healthy and beneficial practice because it allows you to slow down and calm yourself for a brief period of time when you would normally otherwise be active, thus allowing you to clear away the mind chatter and recharge.

Meditation is a naturally occurring event. Whether you want to or not, or whether you are aware of it or not, you meditate daily. It is not an option, but rather a built-in function of the body. It comes standard on your vehicle. Now, knowing this, it is then easier to upgrade to the optional and occasional meditational state whenever you choose to do so. You simply need to let yourself go for a moment and just space out. It’s that simple. Of course, it also helps to minimize or even eliminate all distractions, but it’s not necessary if you’re use to the distractions. I recommend reducing all electronics, but for some people, the hum of an appliance or background noise serves as a tool to help induce an Alpha state. This is often referred to as background noise or white noise.

For those individuals who are very high energy and find it difficult to relax or slow down, I recommend exercise to help induce an Alpha state. Taking a brisk walk or going for a jog can help those who find it difficult to relax to reach an Alpha state of mind.

I will add some guided meditations here at a later date.