You are an a extremely powerful and creative being; and whether you realize it or not, you are constantly creating the reality you experience as life 24/7. In fact, you never stop creating. Knowing this, it is best to create with intention, love and happiness, than to create unintentionally with fear and anger. Even though you’re always creating, there are certain periods of time where your thoughts and feelings are amplified and especially more powerful. These periods of time are known as the waxing phase of the moon’s cycle, which is the 14 day cycle from the New Moon thru to the Full Moon.

To correctly use your manifesting and creative power simply visualize what it is you wish to create or experience in your life and add the feeling of how you will feel experiencing what it is that you wish to create. It is important to add details and to make your visualization a set image. It should be like a snapshot or a photograph because what you must do is imprint the image into your mind or consciousness. Every evening for 14 days, simply visualize the same set image as you fall asleep. After the Full Moon, you can stop. You now have what it is that you created whether you can see it or not. To make it visible you will have to draw it into you vibration. You must act as if you already have what it is that you were working to create. Know that it has been created and believe it. This is called faithing or acting in faith. It is this belief in the as yet unseen that draws it into your vibration to materialize.

From this point on you must also be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Follow up on things that catch your eye or just seem unusual. For example, a friend that you haven’t heard from in years calls you up and asks you to go out for lunch. Your first thought is to decline, but you shouldn’t. This might be the universe working to bring you what it is that you were working to create. The universe works in mysterious ways and likes to surprise, so be open and allowing for anything that may seem unusual and follow through with it. Learn to pull on the invisible universal strings!

Manifesting in this manner always works and works for everyone. If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, it could only be for one of the following reasons:

1. You didn’t recognize the unusual and or pull the universal strings.

2. You were not truly passionate about what you were working to create.

3. You self-sabotaged yourself by allowing pre-programmed beliefs, doubt and negative thoughts to override what you created.

4. It is not for you to have in this lifetime as it is not in keeping with your divine life plan or soul plan. This mainly applies to material items, but not always.

First, it could simply be that you didn’t recognize the unusual and failed to pull on the universal strings to draw it into your vibrational field and make it your reality. If you think this is the case, simply repeat the process with the next moon cycle and this time, pay attention!

Secondly, if your not truly passionate about what you were creating, you won’t get it. The universe always knows what is best for you. It knows at all times what is truly in your heart and what it is that you truly desire. It doesn’t work to answer whims, so if you truly do desire what it is that you worked to create, show that you do by repeating the process.

Thirdly, it could be that you’re self-sabotaging your creative process. If this is the case, you must become more aligned in order to be successful. You will have to work to let go of old destructive thought patterns and reprogram new constructive ones. This may take some time, but in the long run it will be well worth it and you will become a much better manifestor and a more successful one.

Fourthly, it could simply be that it is not in your divine life plan. For example, if you have been wealthy in many of your previous lives, your soul may want you to experience a more modest life this time around. With this in mind, it might be that it is simply not in your best interest to have what it is that you worked to create. However, if you worked to create an idea of something, perhaps creating more joy in your life, and you haven’t experienced an increase of joy in your life,  it is more likely due to self-sabotaging and not because your soul doesn’t want for you to be joyful.

Please Note:  One thing that you must never do is visualize someone else. This is a spiritual no-no! Everyone has their own free will and by visualizing someone else when you’re creating, you may be intentionally or unintentionally trying to override their free will. This can cause you spiritual harm and can also create karmic ties, so it’s always best to visualize only yourself.

For example, you wish that your spouse or partner helped clean around the house more often. Do not visualize your spouse or partner cleaning. Instead, simply visualize the house clean, or visualize yourself happy, smiling and laughing and everything else will fall into place. Should you have any questions, please use the contact page and I will help you through the process.

Finally, there are certain moon cycles that are even more creatively powerful than others. One such cycle is the first moon cycle of a new year. This cycle begins on what is known as the Lunar New Year. The other such cycle is what is commonly referred to as the Super Moon, which is the Full Moon that appears closest to the Earth and thus appears larger than normal. This is also know as a perigee Full Moon.

Blessings to all on a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!