Dream Basics

Dreams are the inner truth of your being and are the mirror of the soul. They represent the real you and that which you have created, denied and empowered. They are the true eyes of the Soul. Through dreams all things are possible.

The basics of dreaming are as follows:

1.  All dreams have meaning and purpose you just need to learn the language. A foreign language may not make much sense at all at first, but once you know the language, you will see and you will understand.

2.  Dreams are not etched in stone. They represent probable outcomes based on your current thoughts, beliefs, choices and or lifestyle. They can be changed and you always have the power to change them.

3.  You dream every night or every time you sleep whether you realize it or are aware of it. It is not possible to not dream, but it is possible to think that you do.

4.  Dreams are the mirror of the soul and the true self. If you do not like your dreams then you do not like yourself.

5.  Dreams are unique and specific to each individual dreamer. While there are universal symbols and themes, for the most part, your dreams represent your personal dream language and soul history. This personal dream language is based off of the totality of your life experiences, past, present and future.

6.  Once dreamed, a dream will always be part of you. Whether you remember your dreams or not, they become part of you and are available for recall at anytime. This is what gives rise to the experience of deja vu and Clair-cognizance. Deja vu is the feeling that you have experienced something before, but you’re not quite sure how or where. You just have the feeling. Likewise, Clair-cognizance, or “clear knowing”, is the feeling of knowing something without knowing how you came to know it. You just do.

7.  All images within a dream are important to the interpretation, lesson and or story. They are like movies in that the director of a film only shows you on screen that which is important to telling the story so that the viewer will not only comprehend the story, but will be moved by the story. Everything matters because everything is matter.

8.  You never stop dreaming. You dream your entire life from the day you arrive on Earth until the day that you leave. In fact, you will dream after you leave, only you will become the dream.

9.  You should be dreaming in color. If you’re dreaming only in black and white, it is for a specific reason. You have yet to comprehend a specific lesson or your basic thoughts and beliefs are very rigid or rooted in the past.

10.  Dreams are your divine lesson plan for the school of life. Whether you choose to attend and graduate now or play hooky and flunk, sooner or later you will be brought to class and will graduate, so why not now?