Greg Catchur
Greg Catchur

First and foremost, I am a wisdom seeker. I actively seek out a greater understanding of being by asking questions and searching for answers. My search is on-going and ever evolving as I come to understand and unfold to greater and greater truths. Over the years, I have read and studied countless manuscripts, scriptures, spiritual and religious texts. I have also studied ancient cultures and the world’s religions. I have a B.S. in Communications and am an Ordained Minister and Counselor through the University of Sedona.

Through the help of my guides, I regularly receive divine insight, guidance and wisdom on a wide range of topics. I have a few regular guides who help me on my journey, but one in particular who is always with me. Together we work towards helping me fulfill my divine life plan which involves helping others find their truth.

Although I didn’t always realize it as it was happening to me, throughout my life I have been guided towards spiritual awakening. Since early childhood, I regularly received divine insights or spiritual wisdom and experienced things that I often just didn’t understand. However, since I didn’t understand them and certainly couldn’t explain them, I didn’t accept them. In fact, I tuned them out and learned to ignore them, but that didn’t stop the insights from coming. It only made things worse. As I matured, I found the more I tuned in to them, the more my life improved. I started to listen and follow the guidance I received with intent. Looking back, I now understand that I was being guided down a certain path the entire time, only half the time I was kicking and screaming and fighting to go in another direction. I realized that I was going against the divine life plan that I agreed to fulfill before coming here.

Once I stopped fighting and opened up to my true Self, the more I understood my divine nature. So I tuned in completely and started paying attention. I learned to listen and open up to all that I AM. I stopped living life unconsciously and started opening up to the wonder and beauty of the process of life.

Today, I live a conscious, fulfilled and an ever evolving awakened life; one filled with joy and laughter, health, happiness and prosperity. It is my desire to use these gifts of insight to help others “awaken” to their truth and true potential to live their lives as they were meant to be; lives filled with love, light, blessings and conscious awareness.